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I'm a Product Data Scientist with a unique blend of expertise in product development, business, and data. I approach every project as a data project, identifying value and optimizing for efficiency. I believe in embracing the risks early on, seeking evidence to guide decisions, and not getting caught up in the quest for absolute certainty at the price of speed. I thrive on solving problems and turning unsolved challenges into opportunities for innovation.


I use principles of data-centric decision making, front-loaded risk management, and circular development approaches, ensuring a comprehensive, agile, and growth-oriented engagement for my clients. I provided services to large and small companies including leading-edge companies such as Zalando and Beat.

Data Analysis
and Decision Making

I use data to guide decisions, always keeping an eye on the trade-off between certainty and speed. My approach helps companies large and small to enhance competitiveness and profitability with timely, data-driven decisions.

Predictive Modeling
and Forecasting

Operating under a philosophy of front-loaded risk, I start small to validate the approach before scaling. This allows me to identify potential challenges early, enabling businesses to adapt quickly and minimize risks.

Product Development

My circular approach incorporates learning from past efforts, maximizing the value derived from each step in the product development process. Frequent feedback and delivery are central to my work, allowing businesses to reach their goals faster.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Upskilling Teams: Dynamic Pricing Engine

Discover how a data-driven approach bridged the gap between Product and Operations teams in a ride-hailing business, boosting revenues by 4-6% and transforming operational efficiency.

Case Study 1

Large Scale: ML-Product Testing

Discover how a staged testing approach unlocked the potential of a high-risk, high-reward ML optimization algorithm in e-commerce, leading to a record-breaking implementation and an estimated 12% uplift in long-term profit.

Case Study 1

Revamping Inventory Valuation in the Fashion Industry

Through a novel approach of applying the concept of Lifetime Value to inventory, this case study demonstrates a successful revamp of inventory valuation in the fashion industry.

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